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A while back I was scrolling on Instagram and came across a post by a well-known personal development guru. What I read ENRAGED me.

So much so, in fact, that my ensuing rant lasted for almost an hour – and now you get to hear it on the podcast. 👀😅

Buckle up for this month’s brand-new Side Chat, where Kristen and I break down (and take down!) this post, and allllll of the reasons why advice like this—be it well-meaning or not—ends up being incredibly harmful to most people reading it.

We get into…

You may be expecting a lot of rage (and you’ll get it!), but you’re probably not expecting to hear how much we CRACKED UP while tearing this terrible advice to pieces. I don’t think Kristen and I have ever laughed so hard on any episode, ever! 

Leave a comment after you’ve listened to share how this one resonated with you!


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  1. Oh my goooooooosssshhh! Thank you for all the laughs. This was exactly what I needed to let go of the crap that plagues me daily – the pressure to squeeze it all in.

    Working isn’t 8 hours for many of us. It’s a 9 hour work day plus commute time (45 minutes to 1 hour each way). There is no “smile” time on that commute.

    But this is so ridiculous if you have even one child involved in one activity. Add in multiple kids (do they have to share the 53 minutes so each child only gets 25 ish)…. My son’s sports or band concerts go longer than 53 minutes… and the travel time to sports/competitions are sometimes in cities 2 hours away!

    What do I get to do on the weekend? Work harder?

    In the end, thank goodness for this podcast because I needed good laugh therapy! That definitely counts for my smile time today!!!!

  2. Gosh, this episode is awesome and sooo on point! This ridiculous formula coming from an oblivious, masculine point of view, being forced into a patriarchal, capitalist system that conditions us to accept things as they are and be grateful for crumbs is complete BS. And thank you for being so outraged at this, because it is outrageous, and hearing other women talk about this is so validating. For years and years and years I had worked 8,9,10 hour days at some lame job just to pay the bills, not to mention the commute, the time spent getting dressed/undressed, hygiene, makeup, the unpaid lunch, the overtime, the “administrative” work on your days off, AND the inescapable mental baggage that cuts into your personal life because its impossible to unwind and de-stress. And that’s just the “8-hours of hard work” part. I also have 3 kids, 4 dogs, a husband, a household to run, and take classes to finish my degree so pleeeease tell me how this formula works for any sane person, cause like you said, unless you’re a privileged, single male with no kids it just does NOT. And it’s funny now how I used to think if I wasn’t doing ALL the above things I was somehow a failure, a loser, and unless I was hospitalized I didn’t have enough excuses to take a sick day. I had even forced myself to take classes during my maternity leave because apparently giving birth to human life is not enough.
    Anyway, thank you for the validation and bringing this to light!

    1. I’m SO glad to hear that you’ve reached the point where you know you are in no way a “failure” for not being able to adhere to these ridiculous standards! Thank you for listening!

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