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Welcome to another episode of Dear Krachel, a monthly advice segment where we answer audience questions about life, career, relationships, existential angst, and anything that helps you become a more whole, fulfilled version of yourself.

On this episode, we’re answering questions from:

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The new year is right around the corner. Cue wide eyes and mild panic!

… Or not. Because hey, not every year needs to be a repeat of the last! You’d be amazed by how much can shift in just a few months with a little consistency, accountability, and a willingness to make change.

So if you’d like 2019 to be vastly different than 2018 (or 2017, or 2016…), then we’re happy to talk to about the prospect of 1-on-1 coaching.

Reach out to us here and we’ll talk it out together.


On the subject of jackhammers and hummingbirds: Rachel’s blog about jackhammers and hummingbirds and our side chat about how to figure out what to do with your life.

Bonus Book Club! Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Rachel’s blog about not taking responsibility for everything that sucks

Side Chat: How to work like a woman (in a world that doesn’t want you to)

On the subject of masculine and feminine energy: Alison Armstrong and David Deida

Joanna Platt’s pre-marital coaching course, Engaged


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