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Magic 8-Ball: Netflix is my secret life purpose

life purpose

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Sometimes I feel like I’ve lived most of my life with only one foot in this realm.

The other foot has been exploring Hogwarts, or on a stroll with Lizzie at Longbourn, or running away from white walkers (and toward Jon Snow, if you know what I mean).

I’ve spent nearly three decades being mildly annoyed that real life gets in the way of fantasy. To me, fiction and art and music often feel more real and true than the monotony of everyday life, with its bills and laundry and mountains of responsibilities.

Could you make …

Are you a hummingbird or a jackhammer?


Have you ever met someone who’s always known what they wanted to do?

They were 5 years old and sure they’d be a writer or a nurse or an engineer, went and did exactly that, and are still doing it to this day?

You probably have.

And while those people didn’t set out to make the rest of us feel bad … it sort of happens inadvertently, doesn’t it?

Liz Gilbert (the author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic) calls these people “jackhammers.” As in, they drill down with mega-focus on one thing that they’re really passionate about and they hammer away at it forever. She’s a self-admitted jackhammer, herself, when it comes …

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