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When I first met Amanda, she was lugging around shame like it was an anvil strapped to her back. In her mind, she didn’t deserve to feel light or free because she’d left her marriage of almost 20 years in a way that she felt very guilty about.

But as long as she was carrying guilt and shame like a penance, she wasn’t able to pick anything else up. It’s hard to move on with your life, or get clear about who you are on a deeper level, if you’re not allowed to forgive yourself.

So, that’s what she had to learn how to do. And that’s what Amanda and I got into during this month’s new interview with a normal person!

We talked about … 

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At 48, Amanda Michaelis is finally starting to figure out who she is.

Amanda’s shift in her life occurred after the end of an almost-20-year marriage. During that time, she dove deep and discovered who she was, what she valued, and how she was meant to live her life. Her career has led her into the healthcare industry; a large, family-owned and operated regional business; and most recently the nonprofit world.  Amanda is currently participating in an open, transparent transition process with her Board of Directors to move out of her current organizational leadership role, and into the world of self-employment as a coach and facilitator in her own business called, appropriately enough, Shift Your Perspective.

In addition, she is deeply committed to developing leaders in her community.  She is in her sixth year facilitating both the adult and junior Community Leadership Programs in her town.

Her goal these days is to like herself today more than yesterday.


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