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You may not have seen this coming, but we’re saying it: Positive thinking ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

If this sounds suspicious for a couple of life coaches to be saying, you’re going to want to listen to (or watch!) this month’s side chat. We’re diving into the compulsion that SO many of us feel to stay positive at all times, and why that is NOT necessarily a good thing.

We talked about:

After you’ve listened, leave a comment to let us know if you’ve been glossing things over with false positivity, and how this conversation sits with you!


When you give yourself permission to feel ALL the things — positive, negative, and everything in between — there’s a LOT to sort through. How do you tell what’s important? What do you focus on first? And how do you figure out what the end goal is?

Those are questions you don’t have to answer on your own! If you’d like to get out of your own way, make more progress in months than you’ve likely made in years, and have an expert take the responsibility for guiding you through the ups and downs, then that’s what 1-on-1 coaching is for:

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Rachel & Kristen


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