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Two weeks ago, Rachel whipped out one of her woo-woo oracle decks and pulled a few cards for all of us. We got so many comments and messages saying how much you all liked it that we’ve decided to make it an every-other-Tuesday thing, at least while we’re all stuck in quarantine!

In times like these, it can be especially hard to tune into your intuition and receive guidance. Fear and uncertainty create a LOT of noise, both internally and externally! And, ironically, it’s exactly when we’re most afraid and unsure that we most need to be able to receive wisdom and inspiration.

So, if you’re having a hard time getting calm, quieting your mind, and tuning in (understandable, if so!), we’re doing what witches do best and conjuring a message from the Universe for you today.

We pulled 3 cards from one of our oracle card decks, and one of them has a message about something you need help with or answers about! 🙂 

Here are the cards we pulled for you, along with their descriptions:



“A woman emerges from a bed of roses, symbolizing pleasure and pain. She is surrounded by cowslips, called “little keys of heaving” or “our lady’s keys for their shape. In a room infused with rays of sunrise shining through an old windowpane, her upward gaze is one of recognition or “seeing the light.” The illuminating power of light, revered as a metaphor by many world cultures and faiths, represents truth, godliness, and the dispelling of darkness.

This auspicious card speaks of new light on your pathway. The process of awakening can take many forms, whether subtle like the soft dawn of a new day, or challenging, as when the searing blade of truth is needed to sever ties that no longer serve you well.

Could it be time to wake up and own your part in a situation where it may be otherwise tempting to blame others? Or maybe you need to be brave and release old fears. Make a conscious choice to open like the rose and embrace a fresh perspective on your life. The transitional energy of awakening helps liberate you on your journey of awareness, and assists you in discerning the valuable from the valueless.”


“Surrounded by a field of wildflowers, an exasperated fairy-child stands with her head buried mournfully in her hands. Perhaps the treat she hoped for did not come when expected, or maybe she had not yet earned the right to it. Patience is a simple virtue, but we struggle to cultivate it, no matter what our age. In fact, many of us spend whole lifetimes learning and relearning the wisdom of this profound virtue.

The modern world is a tough place to develop patience. Hyper-speed technology and quick-fix solutions have raised our immediate expectations to the point that it feels almost archair to have to wait for anything. A “me first” mantra seems to have become an accepted approach to life. With the ego so firmly rooted in its own sense of entitlement, the tests on our patience come faster than ever. When we can do no more, do we let go and surrender to the unfolding of life as it is, or waste valuable energy by resisting what is?

See how the presence of this card applies to you. Perhaps the answers you seek are not manifesting in accordance with your expectations, or you feel time is running out. You may feel like a victim of circumstances or are perhaps driven by fear of scarcity. However, whatever your need, Patience comes to give you faith in the bigger picture and to help you stand back from your attachments.

Heed her wise counsel in the face of change or delays by surrendering to the wisdom of divine timing, rather than feeling trapped and frustrated by your own agenda. Enjoy the rewards of peace and compassion that patience brings. Embrace the shortcomings in yourself and others, and accept the perfection of each passing moment, just the way it is.”


“Ancestors: A child wears a floral garland that symbolizes platonic love and friendship. Jasmine blooms represent divine love and hope. The now-faded images in the background are my own mother and father on their wedding day, and the mischievious face of my grandfather peering between them. This is not only a card of warmth and tenderness, it portrays the symbolic significance of ancestors and the etheric blueprints they leave behind.

In our complex western world, hereditary connections may have been eroded due to profound cultural changes, divorce, and family estrangements. Our wise elders may not be revered as they once were, yet their lives can provide vital clues in understanding our own.

This card invites you to be open to their spiritual influence and inspiration regarding present circumstances. The law of karma ensures that we are constantly being gifted with the ingredients needed to further our evolution. Our ancestors, therefore, play a vital and organic role in the intimate dance of our soul journey.

Now may be a time for forgiveness, to face old grievances with compassion, or to draw upon the strengths of your forebears. Through being receptive to their love, our spirit ancestors respond to our call and provide reassurance and strength during times of change.

Connecting with our spirit ancestors can provide us not only with greater understanding of where we came from, but who we are and where our paths may lead. Being open to the experience of their continuing presence also gifts us with the life-enriching realization that we need never be alone.”

(Cards and descriptions from the Vintage Wisdom Oracle Deck by Victoria Moseley)

After you listen, leave a comment below to share which card you got and how the message landed with you!


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