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Raise your hand if, when you think of “job searching,” the list of to-dos that come to mind sound something like: 

Update resumé, write cover letter, apply, wait, repeat.

What if we told you that LITERALLY NONE of those things are how you get a job in 2022?

If you’re skeptical, you won’t be after hearing our interview with Emily Liou, former recruiter, career coach, and total genius when it comes to helping you find (and get!) your dream job.

Listen in as Emily doles out some seriously great advice, like:

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Emily Liou is a career happiness coach and job search expert at CultiVitae who helps professionals make wildly successful career transitions—even when they don’t have all the skills, experience, education, or go-to network. As a former recruiter and HR professional for Fortune 500 Companies and Silicon Valley startups, she knows exactly what allows professionals to stand out, get visible, and get hired. Emily strongly believes life is too short to not wake up happy on Mondays and has been featured as LinkedIn’s Top 10 Voices to follow in Career & Job Searching for 2022. As the creator of her ultimate job search course, Happily Hired Formula, Emily not only provides the strategies to make any career transition possible but also coaches them through building a positive self-image to go after their biggest dreams. 

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  1. Something is definitely aligning for me energetically speaking, just based on the timing of this episode! 😉 I sent Emily and email and wanted to share part of it here, too:

    Great stuff! I just had an initial phone interview and toward the end when I was asked what questions I have for the hiring manager. The position was for a member recruitment specialist—all about sales goals and numbers. When we were discussing salary, I was told it “wasn’t appropriate” to ask what the previous person made for a salary. Then she went on to tell me what the starting salary was.

    I didn’t say anything, but frankly, I completely disagree that’s it’s inappropriate to get a general idea of what the previous person made. It’s not like I know them personally. Why is it inappropriate to discuss money? Especially for a numbers based role in an organization that supposedly is all about female progress? I don’t want to accept less than I’m making at my current job. If women can’t learn to talk about money, we’re never going to change the world. And men will continue to run everything. Can I get your thoughts on this? Everything was great till this part of the conversation.It really irritates me that so many people still feel it’s inappropriate to discuss salary because to me it seems deceptive.

    1. Total red flag that they told you it was inappropriate! You’re looking for a job, not a hobby. The point of a job is making money … so frankly, what else is MORE appropriate to talk about??

    2. Total red flag and agree with everything you said. Re: this episode, its all about self worth, and self knowledge. It applies to every area of life- relationships, and career! Since I became self employed and started doing some inner work, ive realised that I CAN go for what I want, and I CAN turn down what I dont want, and I have a much better idea of what my ‘brand’ is. Wouldn’t it be great if schools taught how to know and promote your brand? Maybe one day

      1. 💗🥳 Maria! School is awesome but it doesn’t teach so much! I’m happy for you. I’ve only had a few interviews, and really I think this job hunting process is more of a self-awareness exercise for me. My car also died recently, and while finding rides has been a bit of a pain, I also really enjoy saying, “sorry I can’t do that, I don’t have a car!” Being home in my pajamas talking on the phone has been great. Really I just want to build my music business and until I’m able to fund my life with it, I’d rather work from home.

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