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Getting un-stuck from a beige existence with Nate Otto


If you’ve been feeling trapped, stuck, and directionless in your life and career, it can feel like you’re living life in beige, when all you really want is to be living in vibrant color.

Nate Otto has been fighting the beige for years.

In this month’s interview with a normal person, Kristen chats with Nate about how he finally broke through a colorless existence and started to find his place in the world. Nate is a brilliant, creative, innovative thinker who suppressed his inner inquisitive nature and vibrant spirit for much of his life before deciding enough was enough.

He decided to stop complaining, get curious, seek support, and make changes. He shares his whole …

Why your career is less important than you think

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As some of you may know, my grandpa passed away a few weeks ago.

Sitting in his memorial service, surrounded by the people he loved the most, hearing the minister and family members reminisce about my grandpa and his life, I had an intense moment of clarity.

All the memories that were shared about my grandpa that day centered around who he was as a person.

There were stories about his extreme generosity, his humor, his steady positivity, his …