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Blog: Why I love jealousy (and you should, too)


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You know how it goes …

You see someone’s incredible vacation photos on social media, while you watch the rain pour down outside your tiny office window (or, worse, as you stare at the windowless grey walls of your cube).

Or you hear about an old friend who just got an amazing promotion at a company you’d kill to work at.

Or your coworker gushes about how sweet her husband was for surprising her with concert tickets for their one-year …

You can’t cure the human experience with Kyle Ramsvig


When Kyle Ramsvig was a teenager, she found out that nearly all of the girls in the senior class of her small, private high school were either in therapy or on anti-depressants — all of them had thought they were broken, but none of them were talking about it with each other because they were ashamed.

In this inaugural interview with a “normal person,” Rachel talks to Kyle (one of her clients) about why we’re so afraid of our feelings and how to live a happy, fulfilled life in a world that often makes us feel wrong for being human.

We talked about:

Why millennials being told that they’re “special” may have backfired How almost …