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Taking a year-long sabbatical from work with Penni Berbert


When Penni Berbert was 22, she moved to NYC with big dreams of becoming an actress. Within two years the rosy glow had faded and Penni packed up her things and came home. She spent most of the next two decades working in practical, stable jobs and denying her creativity.

But the toll she paid for suppressing the best parts of herself was high—she ended up feeling, as she bluntly put it, “a little dead inside.”

In this interview with a “normal person,” Rachel talks to Penni (one of her former clients) about how she went from feeling lifeless and terrified of making a change to quitting her job and taking a year off to …

Blog: Do you have a serious problem? Or are you in a bad spiral?


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I’m getting kind of meta with this blog today because, at the time I’m writing this, I DO NOT feel like doing it.

(Sorry to anyone who thought that every time I sit down to write I’m inspired and brimming with wisdom! This is real life, and I’m in a funk today.)

Blame it on lack of sleep and that time of the month, but I’m feeling grumpy and dull and lethargic. I wish I could wait to revisit …